IATHA and the annual meetings in Ashgabad, Turkmenistan, generously funded by Turkmen Atlary has offered a unique opportunity for breeders and owners from all over the world to meet and discuss important matters as well as for many breeders to see the Akhal-Teke in its homeland, the country that shaped the breed as well as see Akhal-Tekes perform showing speed, stamina and agility in races as well as djigitovka, equestrian acrobatics on the highest level. I would also say that the discussions, seminars and scientific presentations have been on the highest level in this breed and with the continous support of Turkmen Atlary this breed's future suddenly looks very bright.

The Judging Scale
It was a great honor to be invited by Turkmen Atlaty, to, together with Michelle van Kasteren of Luxembourg to, as the only two westerners, be members of the group of judges that selected the best Akhal-Tekes of Turkmenistan in 2011. Earlier experiences as a judge generously offered by VNIIK and Shael World Cup. These experiences inspired me to compose a draft of a judging scale that can serve as a guideline for judges as well as an educational tool for owners, breeders and buyers of Akhal-Tekes. The draft has been presented to organisations such as Turkmen Atlary as well as to officials in this breed that has been involved with the development of the breed on a national as well as international level. The judging scale will be finalised in the spring of 2012 and my hope is that it will be used by national Akhal-Teke associations that work with breed improvement as well as serve as a guideline for breeders and buyers of Akhal-Tekes. The draft is attached as a word document, feel free to read it and send feedback to jessica [at] karakumstud.com.

Judging scale for individual breeding judgements.docxJudging scale for individual breeding judgements.docx

The Akhal-Teke Electronical Record - TATER
The second project I have decided to work on with my husband Todd, is TATER, based on the digitalized, English version of the Russian state studbooks 2 - 10, we have created a database that will be open to the public and available for the registration of Akhal-Tekes that have a DNA-parentage verification performed by an ISAG-member lab to prove an unbroken link to parents in the 9th Russian studbook. TATER will be launched in Q1 2012.

2012 breeding program and activities
Our stallion Orion by Osman - Raketa - Akhmed is doing great in dressage under trainer Sergei Byakin, this year we are looking for a good dressage rider in Florida that can show him in dressage.
We have the great opportunity to use Sephard by Murgab out of Dargansara - Polot in our breeding program this year, he will be bred to daughters of Osman and Agilas. Sephard is currently trained by Sergei Byakin , only after a month here Sephard shows all the qualities of a top level Akhal-Teke and with his pedigree we can add the best bloodlines of the breed today into our breeding program.

I am humbled and grateful for the support I get from the most prominent breeders , experts and respected equestrians for these projects and wish you all, new and old friends a Happy New Teke Year!

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