The crisis for the integrity of the Russian Studbook is getting worse.

Today, March 22, I read a letter published on

This letter caused me great concern for the integrity of the Russian studbook where the parents to all my current breedings are inscribed. Obviously the request from WATO for a committee overseeing the parentage verification of the approximately 1000 horses from Turkmenistan has caused some stress within VNIIK.

The letter, which supports the work of dr. Tatyana Ryabova and Director of VNIIK Valery Kalashnikov is undersigned with 34 names of breeders, riders and lovers of Akhal-Tekes in Russia and from some other C.I.S. countries.

Unfortunately the people who signed this letter and the content of this letter are causes for even greater concern for the correctness in records, and protection of purity within our breed.

The author of the letter claims that the Russian institutions and their experienced and loyal leaders should not be insulted by having to give access to the databank of work collected by VNIIK over the years to outsiders. If such control should be performed it should, according to the author, be by competent professionals with experience in studbook maintenance, instead of people that will access the data for selfish reasons and thereby cause irreparable damage to the breed.

The letter is concluded by a strong wish from the undersigning parties to not allow any outside interference in the work of the VNIIK.

Obviously the conclusions are based on misunderstandings that I would like to address before they cause more unnecessary divides in our small breed. As the secretary of WATO I have participated in the discussions leading up to the request for a committee to oversee the registration of the Turkmen horses into the VNIIK studbook. The intentions of WATO is to protect the purity of the breed by making sure the integrity of any global studbook for Akhal-Tekes is managed in accordance with modern, scientifically approved methods that assure the purity of the breed. WATO has never claimed that Turkmen horses are not pure or should not be inscribed into the studbook, only that there must be without doubt, the pure Akhal-Tekes from Turkmenistan inscribed. I do not think anyone involved in this breed, would not want to have the valuable blood of the Turkmen horse inscribed into the global studbook. The Turkmen breeding is based on the best blood and the ancient traditions for selection; it is of utter importance that all breeders in the world have access to the blood of these horses. The Turkmen breeder cares for the asyl Akhal-Teke as much as their Russian and western colleagues.

WATO has suggested a committee to oversee the registrations of the Turkmen horses as this is a unique situation for the breed, we are faced with the inscription of 1 000 Akhal-Tekes from the motherland. Of course we all want to celebrate this event but we also realize the risk of later accusations of certain horses not being asyl. The offer from WATO to prepare a committee is an excellent occasion for VNIIK to prove its expertise to the global community. WATO is not an outsider to the Akhal-Teke breed; the members of the Executive Board are well renowned breeders, presidents of some of the most important registries outside C.I.S as well as in Central Asia.

WATO has not asked for any data from the VNIIK records, WATO has asked to oversee the registration procedures in a way that is acceptable for VNIIK and WATO. VNIIK has denied WATO’s offer to select and oversee a committee and therefore there the competence of the members of a suggested committee as well as forms of cooperation is unknown to VNIIK and WATO. Speculations of the competence and requirements from such a committee are – speculations.

The Russian studbook under VNIIK has since many years accepted horses from outside Russia and organizations from outside Russia. Why should these organizations and horse owners not have the right to audit the work of the studbook? We have supplied VNIIK with horse data as well as money for many years; do we not have the right to be treated with professionalism and transparency?

I myself have asked many years for a modern, scientific and transparent system of maintaining the studbook instead of the religion of worshipping Tatyana Ryabova. I read yet another worship letter to Tatyana Ryabova instead of a scientific, transparent, professional approach to a perfectly honest concern about the breed.

Yet again, it must turn into a religious war on who supports Tatyana Ryabova or not. If I go to church I go there from my personal belief, when I register my horses I want proof, not preaching. When I look for statistics for my breeding selection I want facts not fairytales. When I ask for protection of the purity I want science not prayers. Let us not make this again, into a humiliating fight over a person, let us look at our breed, with clear objective eyes, and work together for a bright future for a fantastic horse.

The list of names signing the letter was long, 34 for names. The biggest concern for me was the names that were not on the list though, the biggest breeders and the biggest producers of racing and show champions in Russia, Leonid Babaev, Alexander Klimuk and Abdurakhman Osmanov were not on the list. This is a very, very big concern for VNIIK and for the breed.

My humble suggestion to VNIIK is to cooperate with the people that ask for control and show them that VNIIK runs a state-of-the art operation to protect our breed and all breeders.

Jessica Eile Keith

Owner of KaraKum Akhal-Tekes

Copy of the letter referred to in the article above

Во Всероссийский НИИ коневодства

Директору Калашникову В.В.

от коннозаводчиков Ахалтекинской породы

25 февраля 2010 года

Уважаемый Валерий Васильевич!

Мы знаем, что на Ваше имя неоднократно приходили письма с просьбой допустить ряд лиц, членов некой организации WATO, для проверки работы ахалтекинского отдела Института коневодства.

Мы, опытные и начинающие коннозаводчики и коневладельцы, целиком и полностью доверяем сотрудникам ВНИИ Коневодства и всему отделу ахалтекинской породы во главе с ее опытнейшим и преданным руководителем Рябовой Татьяной Николаевной.

А также, мы очень обеспокоены тем, что господа, не имеющие никакого отношения к работе ВНИИКа, своим недоверием ставят под сомнение работу Государственной Организации, ее научных сотрудников, и хотят иметь доступ к банку данных ценнейшего материала многолетнего кропотливого труда, вызвав возмущение всех «ахалтекинщиков».

Как на всю эту ситуацию будут смотреть во всем мире, если единственные держатели Генеральной Государственной Племенной Книги лошадей чистокровной ахалтекинской породы допустят посторонних к информации, доступ к которой должны иметь только работники Института Коневодства?

Если все же возникнет необходимость по созданию комиссии, то в нее должны войти только представители компетентных органов, осуществляющих ведение и контроль племенного учета в коневодстве, но никак не какие-то личности, которые в дальнейшем все конфидициальные сведения могут использовать в своих личных и корыстных целях, тем самым нанеся непоправимый вред самой породе.

Мы убедительно просим Вас не допускать вмешательства извне в работу Института.

Мы всецело доверяем Институту Коневодства и Министерству Сельского хозяйства России.

С уважением,

коннозаводчики, коневладельцы, спортсмены и ценители Ахалтекинской породы.

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