The Beginning of a New Era for the Akhal-Teke – Meeting
Equiros, Moscow August 18 2008


The interest for the Akhal-Teke breed has increased dramatically over the last 20 years.
Since the fall of the Soviet Union the number of private breeders in Russia, Kazakhstan, Daghestan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan have increased.

The Akhal-Teke breed that was introduced to Germany in the 70’s have now invaded many western countries and is established with breed associations in countries such as France, Switzerland and the USA.
Akhal-Tekes have also been imported to Australia and the new interest for the breed in China has led to a few exports of the heavenly blood-sweater to this country as well.

Many people fall in love with the legend and the mythology of the golden horse from Central Asia. The fascinating history of the breed and the majestic presence of the golden steeds make a big impression on people.

Many feel that they want to own such a heavenly horse and many of the new owners also feel that they want to breed these animals for future generations to come.

The Akhal-Teke breed has been managed by the Russian State via The All-Russian Horse Breeding Institute in Ryazan. The management of the studbook has been led by groups of scientists and breeders since the first studbook was published under Soviet Rule.

The founders of the studbook that followed the at that time modern standard for written record keeping and evaluation of breeding animals within the realms of the Soviet Union, could hardly foresee today’s development and distribution of the breed.

Among many breeders worldwide today wishes have been expressed for a modernisation of the studbook and the breed organisation.

The need for modern management, democracy and transparency as well as a well functioning marketing and PR- department is in high demand.

The modern, breeder and owners of Tekes demand another type of service than the Soviet breeding system is set up to deliver.

The Teke breed is also one breed in a very competitive world in a modernised horse industry. Many horse breeds have well functioning services to breeders and owners as well as very efficient marketing and PR departments that work on a global basis.

The new phenomena that many people without earlier experience or education in equestrianism or horse breeding is venturing into horse breeding has led to an increasing pressure for breed associations to educate this new group of owners and at the same time set up rules for maintaining the breed image to be competitive on the world market.

As the Russian Horse Breeding Institute (VNIIK) has limited resources to grow their organization to meet with the market demands. A group of breeders have joined together their forces to assist VNIIK in their efforts to assure the purity of the Akhal-Teke breed, to increase the efforts in education to new breeders/owners and to by promotion, PR and other activities protect the image of the Akhal-Teke.

We think, that together we can work for a bright future of the Akhal-Teke breed and we invite experienced breeders and partners with resources to join this important work that we intend to keep in an open and constructive as well as result oriented environment.

The goal for this project is to deliver an organization with a clear action plan that can be accepted by the majority of the stakeholders in this breed not later than the fourth quarter of this year.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on the following issues we like to work on primarily:

Registration and studbook.

How do we assure democracy and transparency of the general studbook?

How do we make is easier and cheaper to register Tekes?

How do we best regulate the usage of artificial insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET)?

Do we want the studbook to contain and work with breed evaluations such as the present grading system developed by VNIIK and MAAK?


How do we educate new breeders and owners about the unique traits of the Teke breed?

How do we develop incentives for breeders and owners to select for the typical traits of this breed?

How do we develop the format for breed shows to become more educational for breeders and owners.

Promotion of image

What is the best way to promote the true image of the Teke breed?

What is the image, how do we want the equestrian world to experience our breed?

Where is the true niche for our breed and how do we develop this niche in the horse market?

Which people do we want primarily to attract to the breed?


How do we create a successful international organization.

What type of bylaws do we need?

How can the national associations interact with the international associations?

Our wish is to create a creative dialogue amongst stakeholders that have the competence, drive and experience to participate in the creation of an organization that will work for the future of the breed.

With best wishes,

Alexander Klimuk, Stavropol Stud

Leonid Babayev, Shael Stud

Todd and Jessica Keith, KaraKum Akhal-Tekes

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