1. Head: proportional to body, light, dry with wide cheeks, nose line straight or convex.
    Eyes are large, expressive and often hooded. Ears are set high long and thin and very alert.
    Lips and nostrils are thin and dry.
  2. Neck: set high on shoulders. Long, straight and lean.
  3. Withers: high, long and well muscled.
  4. Back and loin: straight and long.
  5. Croup: wide, long and with a normal sloping angle.
  6. Tail: set low, sparse hair growth.
  7. Shoulders: Long shoulder with good slope and very clean shoulder bed.
  8. Legs: long, dry and dense with clearly defined sinews.
  9. Pasterns: long and elastic without softness.
  10. Chest: Not too deep.
  11. Hooves: small and hard.
  12. Fetlock: little to no hair.

General impression: Full of grace and elegance with its naturally high head carriage, long
beautifully shaped ears, always alert. The skin is thin and the coat, fine and silky with a
golden, almost metallic hue. Known for its hardiness, endurance and beauty. A natural athlete

and equine aristocrat.
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