VNIIK’s misrepresentation of their legal status in Russia

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March 26, 2009. On registration of Akhal-Teke horses.

The All-Russian Research Institute of Horsebreeding” (VNIIK) bears valid licenses for registering horses and up keeping the studbook of purebred Akhal-Teke horses.

Order of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation #676, Dec.26, 2007:
State Research Institute “All Russian Research Institute of Horsebreeding” (VNIIK) of Russian Academy of Agricultural Science is granted a
license 000235 ,for “organization of life-stock inventory, control, estimation of level of productivity and quality of the production, breeding quality of animals” (center of information service).
The license is given for 5 years with prolongation.
Also several departments of VNIIK are granted related licenses:
“Laboratory of immunogenetic expertise” -
License 000232, for 5 years with prolongation

“Laboratory of molecular-genetic expertise” - Licence 000233, for 5 years with prolongation

“Organisation of artificial insemination of agricultural animals (horses)” - Licence 000234, for 5 years with prolongation

The ONLY legal organization registering and keeping the studbook of purebred Akhal-Teke horses is VNIIK, the co-founder of MAAK. The breeders and owners must proceed with registering foals via MAAK as usual.

MAAK border

The statements above are false.

There has been no license issued to VNIIK by the Ministry of Agriculture to register Akhal-Teke horses. VNIIK ‘s registrations of Akhal-Teke horses is operated without any permission, license or control from the Ministry of Agriculture. VNIIK has taken upon itself to register Akhal-Tekes without any legal right to do so. VNIIK is not a legal registry for Akhal-Tekes in Russia or any other country in the world.

On a global basis the statement that VNIIK is the only legal organization for registering and keeping a studbook is also false, there are actually registries and studbooks for Akhal-Tekes that have an official state approval or state license for registering Akhal-Tekes, examples of such organizations are the French Akhal-Teke Association and the Swedish Akhal-Teke Association. These associations perform legal operations while VNIIK is performing illegal operations.

The licenses referred to above are licenses issued to VNIIK for the registration of livestock and other animals and products intended for production of food.

The registration of purebred riding horses, is by law, to be executed by the National Horsebreeding Organisation, NKS founded in 2007. NKS is appointed by the Ministry of Agiculture to register and maintain a studbook for the Russian riding horses but have been prohibited to do so as VNIIK refuses to hand over necessary documentations and archival materials for NKS to commence their registrations.

VNIIKs ongoing collection of data and registration of Russian ridinghorse breeds is not only illegal but according to NKS a threat to the integrity of the Russian National Studbooks as VNIIK refuses to give out information to the citizens of Russia that according to praxis shall be available to each and everyone interested, examples of such information that shall be held available are

Files containing horse registration data such as applications for registrations, ID- certificates and DNA-certificates.

Export certificates.

Breeding records.

Studbooks from different countries as well as from Tsar Russia covering the years 1836-1916.

Would VNIIK have been issued a license to register Akhal-Tekes in Russia, this license would not have automatically transferred to MAAK. However, VNIIK is operating without any licensing and so does MAAK.

Private owners and organizations registering their horses with VNIIK should be openly informed about the status of VNIIK and the lack of control of their registration routines and economy connected to the registration of Akhal-Tekes before they decide to hand over horse data to any VNIIK or MAAK representative.

Without control the risk of errors in the data as well as loss of data is imminent. There have been reported incidents of stolen and lost data in unregulated Akhal-Teke registries before, more about that registry and the lost data in a later article.

It cannot be emphasized often enough, there need to be a commission overseeing the registrations performed by VNIIK until the legal situation has been solved in Russia as no one else is controlling their activities. And according to the letters linked to below, VNIIK refuses to give anyone access to their files.

Here are links to documents in Russian that further explains the situation.

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