Malva out of Merdjen was born in April she is a compact type with strong top line and long, correct legs. Her head is a bit simple and the neck good enough. Malva is a very easy going and cool horse. We will keep her and see how she develops. Magnolia out of Maya was born in June, she is a top class Teke of excellent type and conformation. She has the temperament of a real diva, she is high energy and loves to show off, but she is not tough and she never questoins a command. Two different fillies by the same father and out of two full sisters. It is interesting indeed to breed full sisters to the same stallion. Another interesting point is that Magnolia has little resemblance to her full brother Artist.

This year we will not have any foals but we will cover some mares with Agilas. It would be great if he could leave begind some more offspring.
We will be selling some more mares to make room for the Maya and Magnolia in the mare herd.

We hope for and work for a successful year for WATO so that we can create a platform for a modern, non-discriminating studbook with integrity for this breed and thereby improve the quality and availability of studbook information accessible to the public.

It has been important to work within a group such as the Executive Committee of the World Akhal-Teke Organisation - WATO to minimize the risk for the individuals that work for democratisation and transparency of the current registration procedures of the Russian General Studbook. However, some of us in the WATO Executive Committee have been targeted by the manager of the Russian studbook who has used her position to slander and smear the reputation of amongst others, us. It is unfortunate that we need to mention publicly that this goes on within the Akhal-Teke breed, we need to do this in order to encourage people to control their facts with others than the Russian General Studbook or with sources available on the Internet.

If you have any questions about our breeding program or our engagement or work with WATO feel free to contact us.
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